Safe. Powerful. Affordable custom software.

B3 Software

Jumpstart your digital transformation with rapid deployment and
lower cost.

For most small and midsize companies, developing custom enterprise software is expensive, risky, and slow. Our development model in most cases provides 80% of the solution you need before any customization is applied, reducing cost, risk, and time to market. We give you custom software without the custom price tag.

Software powered by B3 enables your business to more quickly capitalize on new revenue streams, support new products, or retool existing operations with more efficient digitized processes and insights from data analytics.

The B3 Digital Transformation Platform is a cloud-native set of flexible building blocks, independently scalable and customizable for any business and any process. You can choose which blocks you need and stack them to form a total enterprise-grade software system tailored for your business.

  • Enterprise-grade software, optimized for SMBs
  • Powerful and Secure core technology
  • Cost-effective scaling
  • Integrates well into any cloud provider or anywhere Kubernetes is supported
  • Connect to Legacy Systems and Data
  • Pre-built Quality, Delivery, and Monitoring controls
Faster to Deploy.
  • Easy to get started
  • Plug-and-Play Functionality
  • Faster development reduces cost and risk

The hybrid custom software solution that's

Better than full custom software
  • Faster development
  • Lower cost and lower maintenance
  • Building blocks are battle tested, more robust
  • Security audit verified
Better than off-the-shelf software
  • Fully customized for your business
  • Control the user experience
  • Flexible licensing
  • Retain ownership of the total solution

Your new software is already 80% built

... and we haven't even started yet.

B3 Software

Launch faster
with lower risk.

B3’s hybrid development model avoids the cost and delays of building components common to all business software from the ground up for each client. Our platform provides 80% of the solution you need right off the bat. We customize the other 20% for your business and your unique value proposition.

B3 software provides up to eighty percent of your solution up front
B3 Software

Digital transformation.
Process automation.
Integration. Analytics.

The possibilities are endless.

Customer Experience
Financial Management
People Management
Data Management
Expense Management
Supply Chain
Business Intelligence

B3 Software

Our Clients

Our software powers the business of small and midsize enterprises in:

Supply Chain & Logistics
Financial Services
Field Service

B3 Software

Tested and Proven

Our software endures rigorous testing from both automation and real-world experience. We’ve ironed out the wrinkles so your enterprise software is always reliable and faster to deploy. Our team provides professional services and ongoing support so you can rest assured your software runs smoothly.

B3 Software

Experience you can count on.

We’ve been building custom software solutions for over 20 years across industries. Our singular focus is helping SMBs gain access to the best large enterprise technology at a fraction of the cost.

B3 Software

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