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A note taking tool allowing a user to geo-tag and timestamp image and text notes so that they can remember something that happened at a particular place and time.   The event may trigger a notification or create a task for the same user or another to follow-up.


NoteStream is a great stand-alone tool and can be integrated into other systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Tasks are visual:  Turns an image into a team workspace.  Find and track problems/notes on a site map.
  • Easy communication:  Share all the notes for a site or individual note streams to particular people that need to handle something on the site.
  • History over time:  Structuring notes as a timeline allows for seeing trends over time for a particular area.
  • Notes are immutable:  Users can archive and add notes in the timeline at any time.   But not being able to edit note records keeps accountability and keeps a historically accurate timeline.
  • Track all the things:  Attach note streams to assets, a site map, specific marks on a map or anything else which can be made visual.
  • Cloud hosted:  Access from anywhere, on any device.
  • Offline Mode (COMING SOON):  Once the web app is loaded on a mobile device, it can be used offline so image uploads and updates to notes can happen without waiting on a bad connection to send data.
  • Group Assets (COMING SOON):  Organize larger groups of things.


Lightweight inventory tracking system generating insights over time.


Inventory is a tool that can integrate into other systems or stand alone.

Features and Benefits

  • Mobile friendly:  Count items in a touch-friendly manner from any mobile device.
  • Inventory has par levels and reorder points:  The system keeps track of when to order more stock of each item.
  • Sort and group Items:  Count items according to how they are organized in real life.
  • Count Partials: If an item is kept in several places, make partial counts until the total is known.
  • Vendor notifications:  Send vendors email or text messages for reordering.
  • Historical reporting:  See counts of items over time for deeper insights.

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