Beta Brews Pau Hana


Welcome to our table at Beta Brews!

We are an accelerated custom software company (BDC Software) based in Honolulu.  We've been building products for various organizations for 25 years.  And now we are branching out, creating a few different products of our own....under the umbrella of "B3 Software".

Check out what we're doing and see which of our feature products peaks your interest.  From there we will ask you to play with some part of it to get your feedback.

**ACTION**  Pick one of the below and tell us which you want to test!


Featured Products

“Digital note taking, stamped on a map and a time”

Who it's for:  Anyone working outside the office, needing to keep track of something over time.  Such as:

  • Field technicians, service workers
  • Environmental scientist types
  • Hospitality managers / Facilities managers
  • Construction
  • Roaming medical workers
  • Location scouts
  • Auto body shops

More about NoteStream...


"Count it and keep it on hand through automation"

Who it's for:  Anyone needing to keep track of inventory and automate reordering.

  • Restaurant owners, operators
  • Office staff keeping up with supplies on hand
  • Warehouse operators
  • Medical office supply managers

More about CountBASE(y)...


"Answers: Are we there yet?"

Who it's for:  Anyone whose customer is asking "Are we there yet?" -- you can show them your progress and ETA.   If process is stuck on the customer, it will notify them we are waiting on a something, like a signature.

  • Tax Accountant
  • HR professional
  • Realtor, title company
  • Financial services / Lending

More about ProcessBar...


"Making Tasks Visual"

Who it's for:  When a picture is worth more than words, someone can track and share progress visually.

  • Insurance
  • Auto body shop
  • Home remodel, Construction
  • Home inspection
  • Real estate

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